The Adventures (and Misadventures) of Meredith

Seichim Sekhem Reiki

A thunderstorm's been approaching for the past half hour or so. Nothing major…merely a light mist accompanied by occasional, regular rumbles from the gods- like they're hungry and want to be fed some comfort food. 



July turned out to be a pretty….interesting... 


It began with me venturing down to Scientist's Cliffs with my sister for the first time since 2002? We swam in the Chesapeake like we did growing up… and it felt like no time had passed whatsoever. My dad invited us back to the house for dinner, but we were sunburnt and tired…


I felt like I was having a bit of a personal crisis about returning to California, and went to get a palm/tarot reading by a lady in town. She basically told me I needed to heal my heart chakra- fast, and said she could do it for a…well let’s just say it wasn’t chump change. While I knew she was right… my heart has felt heavy and all sunken in my chest (and I’m attracting the wrong sorts o’ people)… I thanked her politely and skeedaddled.

Something didn’t feel totally right. I’ll do it myself, I thought… and left determined to sign up for a class I’d been hesitant about. With every attunement- I become even MORE open and sensitive. I know it’s ultimately for the best. But. This can kinda SUCK. Well, in my attempt to diffuse my dumb fears, I cracked jokes about being scared of microwaves…. and did it anyway.

A heart in the negative space

A heart in the negative space


Fortune teller lady also told me it'd be good for me to get this heart healing under way before the three upcoming eclipses.


Magical eyes on a sarcophagus of a princess nicknamed "Kitty" (so she could see the priests leaving her offerings). An exhibit at the Freer Sackler Gallery a week before I was attuned for the first time, called "Divine Felines".

Magical eyes on a sarcophagus of a princess nicknamed "Kitty" (so she could see the priests leaving her offerings). An exhibit at the Freer Sackler Gallery a week before I was attuned for the first time, called "Divine Felines".


Two weeks later I showed up for the Sekhem Seichem Reiki workshop to find I'd been enrolled with only one other person- a lady my age with a broad smile who I immediately liked. She was wearing a tank top that had California stamped all over it. (No one really needed to point this out to me.)


There's too much to put here, but…the night after my first attunement, I had a clear dream that I was a young, handsome Native American man. No shit. My parents were also Natives, and in this dream- were all standing in front of me. My dad in the middle, my mother on the right and my step-mother on my left.

They were all pretty displeased with me for some reason, as if I had just told them something that didn't fly very well. Whatever information I'd divulged, their reactions were mixed. My dad was extremely disapproving, my step-mother was so angry with me, and my mother was worrying about what everyone would think. And…well…that’s pretty much been our dynamic.



We were dressed in our best and finest, as if we were about to attend an important ceremony… and because they weren't exactly being receptive to me and whatever stance I was taking, I took off with a general "Fuck you."  It did hurt me to be leaving in a disrespectful manner that wasn't honoring my "elders"… but was I not an individual? I hadn't acted to purposely wrong them. I could feel this place in me that felt so totally strong and centered, but for some reason, was viewed by them as inconvenient, misled, and maybe even judged as being….weak?


I could feel all of this standing there- their things and mine….and I just blew past them out of self-preservation (and man, could I run). I did not care about ceremonies or reputations. I needed to go! In the last scene I was chasing after my spooked horse down a wooded path. It was so vivid, I could describe my horse to you in detail if it were pertinent.

The dream ended when my horse stumbled over a root or something and collapsed with me following suit… and I woke up shocked to this present reality.


Wow. I thought I would experience something Egyptian? But…apparently? Ok…


The next morning before my second attunement, I told my teacher about my dream…and how this dynamic seems to be similar to what I've experienced in the past with my parents- that it's my empathy that's been the cause for many misunderstandings and trauma I've experienced with my family. "You were aware of something they weren't willing to address" is what he said…. and it may have been so…

"You just had to circle around and come back for a bit.."

So, here I am, ugh….circling.